Verifying your Business in Canada

This article outlines the documents that may be required by Airwallex to verify a business registered in Canada.

Verification, known as KYC or ‘Know your customer’, is a process that is required by regulators to offer financial services to organizations and individuals. It involves reviewing and maintaining information on parties that use our financial services.

Below, we have provided details on the documents that are required for organizations to open an account with Airwallex if your business is registered in Canada.

Business Documents:- Certificate of Incorporation- Shareholding Structure including Beneficial Ownership

Personal Information:- Official Government Issued Photo ID- Residential Address

Business Information:- Business Name and any Fictitious business name, if applicable- Principal Place of Business- Business Registration Number

Additional Supporting Documents:Generally, additional supporting documents are only required for foreign businesses and/or businesses largely run outside of the US:

- Recent Brick & Mortar CA Bank Account Statement (e.g. Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto-Dominion Bank, Bank of Nova Scotia, etc.). Excludes US Neobank Account Statements (e.g. Mercury, Wise)- Contracts between your CA entity and established third-party CA businesses- Invoice statements with CA-based customers- Evidence of Employee(s) based in CA- Service lease with co-working space

Please ensure all images are clear and readable. The file shall not exceed over 10MB, limited to {PDF, Word, JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP}.

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